What is Sunstone?

According to Norse tradition, the Viking sailors from way back were using a special kind of stone to navigate the northern seas even under overcast skies. They called this navigation tool Sólarsteinn (Icelandic for "sun stone"), which most probably refers to Iceland spar, a special type of mineral. Thanks to the impressive polarizing properties of this stone it was possible to detect the current position of the sun in the sky even through the darkest of clouds. For us, beer has exactly the same properties - it's a drink that lets you see the light and navigate to a safe haven through dark tides and high seas. When you get a glass of good beer, it casts a warm and comforting sunlight over your soul, no matter whether it's a hoppy IPA, a thick Imperial Stout, or a malty Brown Ale, just like a sunstone. That's why we've decided to name our beers Sunstone Alehouse.

Glass of unfiltered light beer standing on an oak wood barrel in a brewery

Where it all started

Sunstone Alehouse was born out of homebrewing experiments done by Kirill Zmurciuk, a beer enthusiast and homebrewer by necessity. Willing to drink good beers by being unable to find them anywhere on the local market, Kirill started brewing his own beers. The brews turned out to be quite different from what everyone was used to, but enjoyable nontheless. Quite soon the local grapevine spread the word about a guy brewing some cool beers and a huge demand followed. As a pure experiment, some labeled bottles were made for a local fair, which were sold out the minute people tried the beers. Then it became obvious that there's a huge demand for quality, flavourful beers, and that people are tired of bland mass produced lagers. This has lead to the creation of Sunstone Alehouse - a small-scale beer brand focused on making diverse and intense beers that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Where we are now

Today Sunstone Alehouse is a nomad brewery, producing its beers by contract at various locations throughout Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, with creative collaboration brews carried out with even a larger list of local brands. One of the main core values of Sunstone Alehouse has become the brewery's desire to overcome any borders and confines through the beers it produces. It doesn't matter where the beer is being brewed at, what style it is, or what market it's made for - as long it's a really good and interesting brew, it will be a perfect match for the growing Sunstone Alehouse portfolio. Being unconstrained by its own brewing facility allows the brand to experiment in different places with different recipes, making Sunstone Alehouse agile, mobile, and ready to brew wherever there's an idle brewhouse waiting to be desacrated.