New Year, New Beers

Written by sunstoneale

Remember back when I wrote that there will be regular posts here? Yeah, right, good joke that one.

Since last time I’ve checked in a couple of interesting things happened over at Sunstone camp.

First of all, we’ve launched Highland Dew in Bucharest right around New Year’s Eve, and now the Strong Scotch Ale is available in all the major craft beer places throughout Romania. You can check out the Map to find a store or pub closest to you.

Right before launching the site, we’ve brewed a collaboration beer in Odessa with the fine gentlemen at Odd Brew. The Belgian Strong Ale with candi sugar and tangerines took forever to lauter, so we just named it 6:15. Yes, it took us that long to get all the wort runnings that day. Now it’s merily maturing with a planned launch date sometime in March. Be on the lookout for that, especially if you’re travelling to Odessa around that time.

Next stop was another collaboration, now back home in Moldova, with the Cahul brewery Albeer, where we’ve brewed a Baltic Porter with walnuts and cocoa beans exclussively for our old pals at Smokehouse Moldova. This will be the first Baltic Porter brewed in our country, really excited about that. Should be ready around March as well, will post details as soon as we settle on the date.

The end of January brought some cool and unexpected news, with RateBeer naming Sunstone Alehouse the best new brewer in Moldova in 2017! And what better way to celebrate the fact other than making a new beer? So we did. With LumenCraft, who were named the best Moldovan brewer overall, and two fine gentlemen from Wales of Hopcraft Brewing fame, who happened to be visiting Moldova just at that time. There was much discussion on what to brew, and we’ve ended up making another first for our small country – a Saison with Amarillo, Sorachi Ace and linden flowers. Tastes awesome already, and should be ready by the second half of February. Will be available at LumenCraft Pub at the Chisinau International Airport.

So, 2018 seems to be shaping up really nice judging by the first month of it. Right now the plan is to have a more consistent presence in Romania and expanding the beer portfolio there, and hopefully making our beers available in Moldova officially as well. Would be nice to have the beers back at home, wouldn’t it? But who knows where we’ll end up by this time next yeat. Because if there’s something I’ve learned with this whole endeavor is that planning is a joke while the end results could be more unexpected and exciting than those imagined. Feels like magic sometimes, yes. And I will make sure to document all that along the way.

PS: for Russian speakers, this little podcast with yours truly might be of an interest as well.

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It’s Alive!

Written by sunstoneale

So, here it is, finally!

The official site that ought to be made years ago is live now, magically coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of Sunstone Alehouse.

It has beer a wild and unexpected ride so far, with a surprising start and so many twists and turns that it’s really surprising to see where the brand is today.

And speaking of today, we’re launching a new beer in Romania – Highland Dew – and the laucnh event is this Friday!

Follow the link the the event on Facebook for more details, and make sure to haul your lovely arse over if you are actually in Bucharest on those dates.

Oh, and some of you may be wondering, why all the Enlgish all of a sudden? Well, until there will be a multi-language version of the site (and that’s an if, actually), I’ll be using the language that will make it easier to communicate with Romanian-speaking, Russian-speaking, and English-speaking audience of this fine web establishment. Which is English, as far as I know.

Ok, so now that we have all of these things out of the way, welcome to, where you’ll be able to get all your info on new beers as well as read about the latest adventures and hear out some rants by the person behind the brand. I’ll try my best to make it as interesting to you as it is fun to me.



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