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Written by sunstoneale on Thursday October 11th, 2018

September turned out to be a really busy month on all fronts, so it was quite surprising finding oneself brewing a brand new beer. And this time it was back home in Moldova with the great folks at LumenCraft!

We’ve been talking about a new beer with the Airport-based brewery for some time now. And they knew exactly what they wanted to do right from the start – a New England IPA. Yes, I know, this may sound a bit outdated to some of you fine hop-juice connoisseurs, but the thing is Moldova hasn’t caught on the haze-craze just yet. So cut us some slack, will you?

Now, after several successful collaborations with RateBeer’s Best Brewery in Moldova 2017 doing a new Sunstone beer here felt like home. Despite being a technically challenging style, the brewday was as laidback as ever and we had lots of fun and talk while getting that hop juice flowing. With a wonderful mix of such hops as Amarillo, Chinook, Mosaic, Citra and El Dorado we were fairly certain that the resulting beer would be really full of hop flavors.

And oh boy, it really is! After just a week into the fermentation the beer attenuated almost completely and was already tasting great. In two weeks it mellowed out a bit and became a true hop bomb packed with citrus, tropical fruit and some grassy notes that go down like some smoothy.

Did we nail the visual aspect? Well, judge for yourselves by checking out the photos below.

LumenCraft NEIPA launches tentatively at the end of next week. So make sure to follow the brewery’s Facebook page and plan a visit to their Airport pub┬áto get a taste of that good juicy stuff!


  • Glorious ZIP Technologies brewhouse is the hallmark of LumenCraft brewery and I really love it!
  • Yes, we've used a lot of oats in this one to boost that silky mouthfeel most NEIPAs are famous for
  • Mmm, lots of oats, yes
  • Brewer Anatoli doesn't like to pose so here's a shot of him checking the gauges
  • A beauty to brew with, isn't it?
  • Anatoli caught in the process
  • The malt cake settling in nicely. It was a rather quick mash and lauter despite the amount of oats used.
  • Beautiful first wort during recirculation
  • And off we go boiling!
  • Now for the dirty part
  • Then come the hops!
  • Like, really lots of hops in this one
  • Just beautiful!
  • Gravity readings exactly as calculated in the recipe
  • Now comes the long wait
  • Fast forward - first try after a week in the fermenter and it tastes lovely!
  • Fast forward again - trying out the beer just recently
  • Oh yes, I think we nailed the hazy part quite well. And the smell.... oh man!
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