Brew The Brew – LumenCraft New England IPA

September turned out to be a really busy month on all fronts, so it was quite surprising finding oneself brewing a brand new beer. And this time it was back home in Moldova with the great folks at LumenCraft!

Brew the Brew – Quadrupel IPA

Some things are simply inevitable in this life, and our collaboration beer with Bucharest-based Oriel Beer was definitely one of them! Last weekend, while attending the Bucharest Craft Beer Festival 2018 yours truly has managed to sneak out for a day to LaurenČ›iu and Ioana’s brewery, and brew a beer that was over three years […]

Brew the Brew – Tea Muppets

So, a Belgian and two Italians walk into a bar… That’s the type of joke David from Three Happy Brewers tends to hear a lot, and I personally couldn’t resist the temptation of mentioning it during our collaboration beer brewday. Well, yeah, I happen to be so funny and original sometimes. Bad humor aside, our […]