It’s Alive!

Written by sunstoneale on Monday December 25th, 2017

So, here it is, finally!

The official site that ought to be made years ago is live now, magically coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of Sunstone Alehouse.

It has beer a wild and unexpected ride so far, with a surprising start and so many twists and turns that it’s really surprising to see where the brand is today.

And speaking of today, we’re launching a new beer in Romania – Highland Dew – and the laucnh event is this Friday!

Follow the link the the event on Facebook for more details, and make sure to haul your lovely arse over if you are actually in Bucharest on those dates.

Oh, and some of you may be wondering, why all the Enlgish all of a sudden? Well, until there will be a multi-language version of the site (and that’s an if, actually), I’ll be using the language that will make it easier to communicate with Romanian-speaking, Russian-speaking, and English-speaking audience of this fine web establishment. Which is English, as far as I know.

Ok, so now that we have all of these things out of the way, welcome to, where you’ll be able to get all your info on new beers as well as read about the latest adventures and hear out some rants by the person behind the brand. I’ll try my best to make it as interesting to you as it is fun to me.



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